Workshop in LAG & FLAG about the Sustainable Development Goals

Author: Pernille Manicus, translated by: Pernille Manicus

What is sustainable rural development? How do we ensure viable communities in Thy and on Mors? And how can venture capital support sustainable development?

The questions were lively debated on a workshop in LAG & FLAG Thy-Mors on 5 September 2022, facilitated by Gitte Davidsen, sustainability coordinator at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. Through the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, it was debated which strategic directions a new upcoming strategy can point to in order to ensure sustainable development in coastal areas and the rural districts in Thy and on Mors.

Jane Kruse, director of Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, told about how we are working with the Sustainable Development Goals

Passionate debate

The conversation was lively around the tables even before the workshop started. Participants in the workshop were engaged and interested in the evening’s agenda. The first point was the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The workshop began with a review of the World Goals 1 – 17. Already, the participants were engaged and had several comments on the individual goals, and it was a really good start, says Gitte Davidsen, sustainability coordinator at the Nordic Folkecenter:

“That is the first step when you want to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals: to debate them, come up with examples and put it into perspective – either from your own perspective, that of an association, a company or a society.”

Gitte Davidsen made sure, to emphasize that it is important that LAG & FLAG doesn’t try to embrace all the goals at once:

“Each of us, as an association, organisation, company or person, cannot solve all 17 goals, so it is important to select the areas of action where you can make a difference.”

Privilege walk

During the workshop, the participants were given several tasks, which were to be debated either in pairs or in groups – all tasks related to LAG & FLAG’s future work and strategy. The tasks were interrupted once by a trip outside, where the participants was going on a privilege walk: the participants stand in a line and take a step forward, when they can nod yes to certain privilege statement. Take a look in the box on the right and see examples of some of the statements.

Privilege walk: take a step forward, if you can say yes to the following statements:

You have more than 1,9 USD
(12/13 DKK) to live for during the
You drink at least 1,5 liters of
water per day
You have a mobile phone
You have eaten breakfast today
You have not had Corona
Your organization has set up solar
cells or wind turbine – or is
working to promote the area

A good workshop

The atmosphere during the workshop was innovative and creative, and Annette Qvistgaard, forewoman of LAG & FLAG Thy-Mors, could tell from the participants that they were very committed to being involved in LAG & FLAG Thy-Mors’ future work:

“There has been an incredibly good debate at the tables, and at each break people have been very engaged and walked around talking about the Sustainable Development Goal they are passionate about. It has been a good workshop because we have had time to hear the different passions and why people think one Sustainable Development Goal over another is relevant in our context here in Thy-Mors.”

Subsequently, a general meeting was held, where Annette Qvistgaard was re-elected as forewoman.

Pictures from the workshop