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The Living Lab

Our living lab, the Village from Green Research, demonstrates how various energy solutions can be combined to achieve the ultimate goal of 100% renewable energy.

The lab is equipped with test facilities to examine and further develop prototypes and commercial products. Folkecenter has over 30 years of experience in design and testing of renewable energy technology. Moreover, we provide certificates for small wind turbines and we have a second test station for small wind turbines on the way.

Our lab is open to the public and receives more than 6,000 visitors every year. You are also welcome to visit us or rent our facilities to make your green events outstanding!

Test Facilities

Why would you have your products tested by Folkecenter?

We have over 30 years of experience in product design and testing

We provide consultancy to improve your design

You can obtain a report from an independent organisation

You can certify your small wind turbine

Danish Test and Resource Centre for Small Wind Turbines

Danish Test and Resource Centre for Small Wind Turbines

Folkecenter has recently established an outstanding test centre for small wind turbines with unique characteristics in the entire Europe!

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Small wind test center Folkecenter

Small Wind at Folkecenter

For more than 30 years we have tested our and others’ designs for small wind turbines, from single components to entire turbines. We provide certificates for small wind turbines.

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Wave energy Folkecenter

Wave Energy Test Centre

Test your prototype at Nissum Bay before exposing it to tough conditions in the open sea and save money!

Now available also indoor testing!

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PV Folkecenter

Solar Energy Test Centre

We test solar components and systems, both for electricity and thermal generation. Our PV Test Centre provides hourly data on the production of different PV panels from different manufacturers.

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Research and development

Other Tests

Do you have a product for renewable energy or energy efficiency that you would like to have tested? You are welcome to contact us to get information about possibilities and conditions.

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The Village for Green Research

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Visit Folkecenter

Are you curious about renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable architecture, biological water treatment or low energy agriculture solutions? Come and visit us!

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Guided tours - Folkecenter

Book a Guided Tour

Experience renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in our demonstration site with the guidance of one of our experts.

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Conference hall Folkecenter

Other Possibilities

Are you organising a conference or searching for a place for your next meeting? Book our installations and make your green events outstanding!

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Otto Reinke - TWE - Tandem Wind Energy tested in Folkecenter

At the Test Center we found a very good place because of the infrastructure, the people and the know-how which is available there

Otto Reinke, CEO of TWE Tandem Wind Energy, Germany

The testing and the guidance that we receive from the Folkecenter is great and the testing has really, really helped in guidance to what is needed from the certification standpoint

Peder Hansen, Chief Engineer, Windharwest, USA
Peder Hansen - Wind Harvest International

Christian Grant, Octomar & Wave2Power

It’s genious! Why did anyone never told me about Folkecenter before?

I don’t understand why there is not a queue out there!

I have never met helpful people like the ones who are there, who don’t ask you money even before opening the mouth.

I cannot say it enough: go to Folkecenter if you work with renewable energies! It is the best place in the world for SMEs involved on these topics.

It’s like a nest: there, ideas can grow and maybe fly one day.

Christian Grant, founder, Wave2Power, Denmark