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RE Training & Information

We offer a wide range of training and education programmes and activities meant to meet the main needs of current and future professionals in the field. Workshops, conferences, renewable energy courses or the trainee programme are some of the examples. All these activities and programmes are supported by our International Network for Renewable Energy Training and Education, which enables training and education activities to take place all around the world. We work to keep politicians, decision-makers, concerned consumer groups and the wider public well-informed about existing alternatives by producing informative material and participating in meetings, debates and several other activities.

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Folkecenter's Trainee Programme - Excursions

The Trainee Programme

Since 1986 hundreds of young people from all over the world have participated in the programme. Would you also like to be a trainee in Folkecenter?

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Guided tours - Folkecenter

Guided Tours

Experience renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in our demonstration site with the guidance of one of our experts.

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Renewable Energy Future - Folkecenter

Renewable Energy Future

How can we get to 100% renewable energy? What are the challenges and how to face them? What are the potential opportunities and benefits? Join our next RE Future programme to get answers to all these questions and many more.

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Conference hall Folkecenter


Check out our event calendar. There is certainly something for you!

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Build your own Sun Generator - Folkecenter

RE Courses & Workshops

Book one of our workshops or tell us your opinion about the renewable energy courses that Folkecenter is preparing.

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Publications and downloads - Folkecenter

Informative Material

From beginners to experts, start upgrading your knowledge now! Find out all our informative material: reports, books, brochures, presentations, videos…

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Tailor Your RE Training & Education

Solar PV training cours Folkecenter

Tailored Courses and Workshops

Do you want to upgrade the curriculum of your students? Does your team need new skills or an update? This is for you!

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Excursions - Folkecenter

Tailored Study Visits

Do you want to learn about specific technologies or about the full transition to renewables? Denmark has the answers you are looking for and we make them available for you!

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Invite our experts - Folkecenter

Invite Our Experts to Your Events and Lectures

As the proverb says, “if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain”. Therefore, our experts are also available outside Folkecenter.

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Recent Capacity Building Projects

EASE-CA project


Sustainable local solutions were collected in a catalogue for utilization in East-Africa (and elsewhere).

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Environmental Awareness Project


Water management, food security and waste management: these are the key words of this project!

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Knowledge, Advocacy & Lobbying for the Benefits of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation in Uganda (KAL)


Knowledge, advocacy and lobbying for the benefits of renewable energy and climate change mitigation in Uganda.

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