“The sun and the wind are everyone’s property and send no bill. Therefore, the countries that take the lead in the transition from fossil energy forms and nuclear power to renewable energy will be the first to reap the rewards. To the rest of the world, they can show the benefits for the economy, employment, climate, health and peaceful development. This transition is the greatest and most unavoidable task of the coming generations. There is no time to waste.”

Preben Maegaard, renewable energy pioneer and founder of Folkecenter

Preben Maegaard

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Our Activities

Renewable Energy Training and Information

Since 1983 we work for a complete replacement of fossil fuels with green technologies. Solar and wind and a wide range of other technologies, combined properly, can make a fossil-free society possible. Technology availability is, however, not sufficient to ensure the transition: education and best practices are key words, which is why, since the foundation, we form future energy experts.

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Collaboration with Ecopreneurs and Green SMEs

A sustainable planet needs creativity and innovation – it needs ecopreneurs and green and small- and medium-size coompanies (SMEs)! If you have a brilliant idea or if you are a ecopreneur or green SME, don’t worry, you are not alone – we are here to help you!

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Research and development

Research & Development

In the renewable energy field, like in many others, there is a constant demand for improved knowledge and solutions! We carry out research and development projects in collaboration with Danish and international universities, research centres, SMEs, local authorities and other civil society organizations to provide new solution for the green transition.

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Testing and demonstration renewable energy

Testing and Demonstration

There is no unique solution to solve all of the world’s climate and energy problems -different energy sources and renewable energy technologies have to work together! Our living lab, the Village of Green Research, demonstrates how various energy solutions can be combined to achieve the ultimate goal of 100% renewable energy.

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Renewable energy in developing countries

Implementation of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

Everybody needs clean energy! Lack of access to clean and modern types of energy is one of the main and most urgent energy challenges to be faced. We have organised solar lighting projects in Africa since 1998. Folkecenter, in cooperation with local NGOs, has installed solar systems in over 300 rural schools, but this is just the beginning!

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Transfer of renewable energy know-how

Transfer of Know-how and Best Practices

Let’s not reinvent the wheel! We support national and international collaboration and knowledge sharing for a fast, resource-efficient and cost-effective transition to sustainable energy systems. We collect the best available knowledge from all over the world and we help you make it yours.

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