Collaboration Green SMEs


Collaboration with Ecopreneurs and Green SMEs

A sustainable planet needs creativity and innovation –it needs green entrepreneurs and small- and medium-size companies (SMEs)!

It is essential to make the most of their innovation potential by helping them overcome the barriers they may encounter to develop their products and services, enter the market or be competitive and economically sustainable. We support ecopreneurs and green SMEs in product development and testing, idea-to-market processes, fund raising, market analysis, business strategy definition, internationalisation, training of staff and teams, networking and event organisation.

Our Services for SMEs


We offer a wide range of training and education programmes and activities meant to meet the main needs of current and future professionals in the field. Find out how we can help you improve your skills.

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Product Testing

We have over 30 years of experience in design and testing of renewable energy technology. Do you want to have your product tested by Folkecenter?

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Consultancy Services

We provide technical and business consultancy so that you can develop and mature your products as well as your business strategies. Find out what we can do for your idea or company by contacting us.

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Rent Our Facilities

Are you organising a conference or searching for a place for your next meeting? Book our installations and make your green events outstanding!

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Networking Opportunities

Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news about upcoming events or become a member and get privileged networking opportunities.

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Work with our Trainees

We have several international trainees who are eager to work on real projects! Interested? Contact us!

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Some Related Projects



The objective is to increase employment in rural areas by providing SMEs support with regards to renewable energy and energy savings.

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Build your own Sun Generator - Folkecenter

Sun Generator

We are supporting Anker Mardal, a local inventor, to develop an off-grid solar system which does not need batteries. From idea to market!

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Thy WindPower - collaborations with SMEs - Folkecenter

Consultancy for THY WindPower

THY WindPower is a Danish manufacturer of small wind turbines that is undergoing an internationalisation process. We are glad to support them in this task.

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Otto Reinke - TWE - Tandem Wind Energy tested in Folkecenter

At the Test Center we found a very good place because of the infrastructure, the people and the know-how which is available there

Otto Reinke, CEO of TWE Tandem Wind Energy, Germany

The testing and the guidance that we receive from the Folkecenter is great and the testing has really, really helped in guidance to what is needed from the certification standpoint

Peder Hansen, Chief Engineer, Windharwest, USA
Peder Hansen - Wind Harvest International