After ending EASE-CA: The work continues

After the project ended in June, people have continued wit conservation activities.


Many people have continued with stove construction. There are 16 stoves recently done already in use. In Kakoge parish, 23 stoves are planned to be made by community trainers and this will continue to other parishes. In short, the rate is high.


During the project time, many people had made stoves and were in use. The challenge was repairing them. Currently almost all do repair stoves and continue using. They now believe the stoves are saving a lot on fuel, time and money. In Kasambya Parish, Namubiru Deborah, Godfrey Mukisa and Robina have continued making stoves for cash. They are very happy and will continue earning from stoves business.

A good nursery known as Friends for Nature is booming. Species such as; mangoes, eucalyptus, chogam and coffee are on market so the demand increases steadily.

Schools in Nakaseke such as; Kasagga Church of Uganda Primary School is saving good money and has planned to renovate the dormitory when the pupils break for holidays. The Head Teacher says, they could not afford this if they were to depend on the tuition fees, so using much less firewood enabled them save enough to do the renovation. This is a very good example for his fellow Head Teachers to learn from and he will encourage more to get an energy saving institutional stove.

Making efficient cook stoves