Meeting Greenland March 2023

Når energi og uddannelse mødes i Nord – Folkecenteret i Grønland

At the same time as the meeting in the Netherlands, Folkecenter took part also to another project meeting. This time, in Greenland!

The project, “Operating techniques in Renewable Energy under Arctic conditions”, is running already since 2021 and it aims to develop innovative teaching material that supports and spreads competences related to the use of renewable energy in the Arctic.

PERMAGOV Kick-off Meeting 21-23 March 2023

Havet er grænsen – nyt projekt for Folkecenteret!

Som du sikkert har læst i vores tidligere nyhedsbrev, er Folkecenter nu en del af et nyt europæisk projekt kaldet Permagov.

Efter et første online kick-off møde, som fandt sted i januar, havde vi i sidste uge (21.-23. marts) chancen for at deltage i det officielle kick-off møde, som fandt sted i Wageningen (Holland). Det var meget rart at være sammen igen, efter i så lang tid at have samarbejdet online.

PERMAGOV project

EU marine governance gets a boost as new European research project sets sail

EU marine governance must evolve to meet the goals and objectives established in the European Green Deal. A shift is needed from the current largely fragmented nature of marine governance toward a more cross-cutting and agile arrangement, one that is in sync with wider developments taking place at sea, at shores and on land. PERMAGOV, a recently launched Horizon Europe project, sets out to achieve that by piloting a novel multi-level governance approach for various regional seas and national waters around Europe, targeting four areas of key importance to sustainable development: maritime transport, marine energy, marine life, and marine litter.

EVENT 19/12: Et grønnere Ukraine med vedvarende energi efter krigen

While the war is unfortunately still raging, many are planning a more environmentally friendly future of Ukraine. We are planning how Ukraine’s many district heating networks can converted to renewable energy. Today, most Ukrainian district heating systems are heated with gas, a large part of which comes from Russia. It is not sustainable. On the other hand, Ukraine has large potentials for renewable energy.