Vestas turbine in Thy sets a world record for 24-hour production

In December 2022, Vestas began testing the company’s newest offshore wind turbine, V236-15MW, at the national test center for large wind turbines in Østerild, Thy. The turbine has now broken the world record for electricity produced in one day.

The strong wind in the first part of August was more reminiscent of late autumn than early late summer. Not so good for beach trip dreams, but on the other hand good for the production of wind turbine power. So good, in fact, that a new world record was set in the test center for large wind turbines in Østerild here in Thy. The record holder is Vestas’ newest offshore wind turbine prototype, V236-15MW, which with a daily output of 363 megawatt hours in the summerwind beat the old daily record of 359 megawatt hours, which belonged to a Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbine, type SG14-222DD. This is what writes.

The record wind turbine is 280 meters high measured from the ground to the tip of the blade in the uppermost position and with a blade length of 115.5 meters, it covers an area of just over 43,000 square meters.

The mill can produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of 20,000 Danish households, and according to, the first examples of the fully developed V236-15MW will be installed off Frederikshavn in 2024.

Vestas V236-15MW i Østerild. Foto: Vestas.