The Thy Case in Mission Green Fuels

The Thy Case is included in DEEP project.

As part of Nordic Folkecenter’s participation in the sub-project DEEP (Designing Community Collaboration for Sustainable Energy Parks) in the project Mission Green Fuels, the Thy Case is included as an good example.

On the inclusion of the Thy Case in the project, we have established a collaboration with Thisted Municipality, which will contribute to the Thy Case being presented and promoted rightfully in the projects.

Meeting about the Thy Case
Picture of a future energy zone in Thisted

The Thy Case

The Thy Case is built on three cornerstones:

A clear division of the municipality’s area into negative areas, neutral areas and positive areas:
– Negative areas (2/3 of the municipality) are typically covered by protection considerations and energy installations cannot be erected here.
– Solar cells and wind turbines can be set up in neutral areas (1/3 of the municipality). The projects must be citizen-driven, or there must be support for the project in the local area.
– Positive areas are called energy zones. Biogas, pyrolysis, Power2X, solar cells and wind can be installed in the six energy zones. The energy zones make up 1.5% of the municipality’s area, are between 100 and 430 hectares and are strategically located in relation to urban and business areas as well as the road, electricity, gas and district heating networks.

Political criteria that are used as a yardstick when decisions have to be made about the construction of energy plants and zones in the municipality:

– 50% of the renewable energy plants’ ownership must be offered to the local community and must remain local.
– The neighbors of renewable energy plants must be fairly compensated.
– Sustainable energy plants must contribute to nature improvement and afforestation. For every 10 MW, one hectare of nature must be created.
– The aim is that renewable energy plants fit into the landscape and valuable landscapes are preserved.
– RE plants must have documented broad support in the local area

Energy associations in the municipality are a fundamental voice for the local communities, which contribute to solid cooperation in connection with the construction of energy plants.

Furthermore, it is a principle in the Thy Case that when it is undergoing, the application for the construction of a energy plant is not processed further.

Click here to read more on Thisted Municipality’s website, where you can also see a map of the division of the municipality’s land.

About Mission Green Fuels

The MissionGreenFuels partnership aims to contribute significantly to achieving the climate goals for 2030 and 2050 and to support Danish research, innovation, growth and export potential within green fuels.

The partnership consists of several projects, and Nordic Folkecenter has until now participated in the COMON project, which has focused on involving local communities in the transition to green fuels. And over the next two years, we will participate in the DEEP project, where the goal is to create a holistic model for the development of energy parks, where local communities and considerations about biodiversity and nature conservation are included in the process. And precisely in this connection, it is extremely relevant to highlight the Thy Case as a good Danish case.