Sustainable Building Workshop at Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Tiny House - Folkecenter

Nordic Folkecenter is about to host a new workshop which will focus on sustainability applied to buildings. The title of the workshop is “Build your own Tiny House with Sustainable Materials” and it will take place between August 24 and August 28 (from 08:00 to 21:00).

The Tiny House which will be built by Folkecenter will be constructed using organic and recyclable materials, like straw, wood, clay and flax. For what concerns doors and windows, used solutions will be utilized. Straw as a building element is thought in a new way: the walls will consist of the EcoCocon modular prefabricated straw-elements, delivered by the company Feldballe Naturelementer ApS located in Djursland (DK).

The roof will be a green roof with biocide-free undercoat of Rhepanol, delivered by the Danish company Easy Flex Roofing. The insulation and the roof construction will be from flaxseeds and they are delivered by the company Egen Vinding & datter.

The workshop focuses on the practical details that one should consider when building a house, but also on the importance of choosing the building materials. A Tiny House is a house that, despite being little, it can fulfill the needs of its inhabitants; therefore, it is the perfect solutions for students and retired people, who would prefer not to have mortgages or to spend a lot of money on housing.

The workshop will combine theory and practice while the 25 m2 house is built and there will be 18 participants (full capacity of the event), with different experience backgrounds.

The leaders of the workshop will be Lars Keller and Jakob Rasmussen, from UPSTRAW Montage. Lars and Jakob have together 25 years of experience in sustainable construction, construction with straw and usage of the EcoCocon prefabricated systems.

The program of the workshop can be found below; everyone is welcome to come and see the construction process.

For more information please contact Jane Kruse, director, +45 4060 4551,