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PV Folkecenter

PV Test Station

Established in 2012, by request of the Danish Energy Agency, the PV Test Station aims at comparing the performances of a number of PV panels in real life conditions.

The test station consists of 40 panels (2 per model) from both European and international manufacturers. Data are collected on an hourly base since the establishment of the station and they can be found below.

The facility consists of both monochristalline and polychristalline panels (left and right respectively, in the picture). The nominal power is 9.5 kW.

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Total energy produced in November:

73 kWh

Total energy produced in 2023:

7150 kWh+

Total energy produced from 2012:

97900 kWh+

Total CO2 saved from

73 tons+

Last update: 16.11.2023

Note: From August to November 2023 there has been problems in the communication between the system and the computer recording the data. The PV system kept producing, but not all the data for this period were recorded properly

Live Data

PV solar test - Folkecenter

Panels in Test


PanasonicA1, B1JapanHungary250 W18%-5/+10%17 kg1.39 m2
KyoceraA2, B2JapanEU215 W14.4%-3/+5%18 kg1.49 m2
Yingly Solar PandaA3, B3ChinaChina260 W15.9%-0/+5%19.5 kg1.63 m2
Ningbo Qixin SolarA4, B4ChinaChina250 W14.9%-0/+3%19.5 kg1.69 m2
SamsungA5, B5S. KoreaS. Korea247 W15.4%+/-3 W18.6 kg1.60 m2
HyundaiA6, B6S. KoreaS. Korea245 W14.2%+/-3%19 kg1.62 m2
SunpowerA7, B7USAUSA333 W20.4%18.6 kg1.63 m2
BoschA8, B8GermanyGermany245 W14.9%+-/ 4.99 W21 kg1.64 m2
SolarworldA9, B9GermanyGermany150 W13.3%+/- 3%13 kg1.14 m2
W├╝rth SolarA10, B10GermanyJapan150 W12.2%-5/+10%20 kg1.23 m2


SharpA11, B11JapanUK245 W14.9%+-/ 5%19 kg1.64 m2
JA SolarA12, B12ChinaChina245 W14.9%+/- 3%19.5 kg1.64 m2
Yingly SolarA13, B13ChinaChinaChina245 W15%+/- 5%19.1 kg1.63 m2
Trina SolarA14, B14ChinaChina245 W15%+/- 3%19.5 kg1.65 m2
SuntechA15, B15ChinaChina245 W15.6%+/- 5%18.2 kg1.63 m2
Moser BaerA16, B16IndiaIndia230 W14%+/- 3%18.7 kg1.65 m2
Innotech SolarA17, B17SwedenSweden230 W14.5%+/- 5%22 kg1.60 m2
RECA18, B18NorwaySingapore240 W14.5%+/- 5%18 kg
Schott SolarA19, A20GermanyCzech Rep.240 W14.7%+/- 4%18.8 kg1.67 m2
SolonA20, B20GermanyGermany240 W14%+/- 3%22.7 kg1.67 m2