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Project 7-9-13 English

Project 7-9-13 gathers experiences from current and former students and trainees as inspiration for Danish young people on their way to the labor market – from youth life to working life. The project’s name relates to UN goals 7, 9 and 13, but it has also a a double meaning: that’s what it said in Danish when you hope that things will not go so wrong.

The project is financed by the Tuborg Fund.

The Project fulfills the following SDGs:

Verdensmål 13

About the Project

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy has been working with research and training of young people for almost 40 years. The students are with us in connection with projects and internships which are part of their educations and they work here with topics related to renewable energy, climate and  sustainability. During this period, they live here, at Folkecenter’s facilities.

We host both foreign and Danish students and what they have in common is that they are really passionate about the sustainability topics, but also that they would like to share this passion with other young people.

Project 7-9-13 gathers experiences from current and former trainees as inspiration for Danish young people, who are on their development journey- from youth life to working life. The project’s name relates to the UN goals 7, 9 and 13 (Sustainable Energy, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Climate Action, respectively), which are precisely the topics that the students deal with.

In addition, 7-9-13 has, in Danish a double meaning: we say that when we hope that things will not go so wrong; this reflects the current situation: as many young people choose to work with climate-related topics, things will hopefully work out in the right way!

Former trainees possess a wealth of experience which brought them to choose their educational path and which addressed them to sustainability first and to Folkecenter next (and in some cases, the other way around). We believe many Danish (and not only!) students could benefit from these international points of view, which is why Project 7-9-13 was established.

A selection of former trainees will describe what impact these choices have had on their decisions, how they have been inspired and which opportunities (both life- and work-related) it has given to them. These “memories” will be collected in a brochure which will be distributed during Folkecenter’s 40 year anniversary conference, in June 2023, where also former trainees will be present.

The individual stories will be disseminated, both via physical material and social media, to young people, with the purpose of inspiring their life, study and working decisions.

One of our current trainees, Maria Camila Vélez Henao (25), will run the project, supported by the other trainees and by the Sustainability Coordinator in Folkecenter, Gitte Davidsen.

News about the Project

Project 7-9-13 Brochure English

With the project, we seek to influence and increase the awareness of young people about their opportunities in their professional lives by showing them both professional experiences and the experiences and the community that has created and is part of the Nordic People’s Center for Sustainable Energy.

At the Folkecenter’s 40th anniversary, we gathered the current interns and some of the former and new young people. We carried out a presentation of the project, a workshop, social activities and where we presented and distributed the prepared folder, which collected some good and interesting stories from the interns and tells about how completing an internship at the Nordic Folkecenter has affected both their personal lives and their working life.

During the five anniversary days we were all together like a family, even though we hardly knew each other, in addition a seed of the Nordic Folkecenter was planted in the hearts of new young people who in the future want to return and be part of this growing community in favor of sustainability and renewable energy, because we show that with a wide range of education you can become involved in this broad issue.

Regardless of your education or where you come from, sustainability and renewable energy are a global issue.