Catalogue for Small Wind Turbines (Digital edition, 2016)

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The publication is the result of an intensive cooperation between Nordic Folkecenter, the Chinese Wind Energy Association, the World Wind Energy Association, the Danish Small Wind Turbine Association, the Ahikaga Institute of Technology and the Indian Wind Power association.

The catalogue presents manufacturers of small windmills of up to 50 kW, coming from 104 companies spread in 28 countries, for a total of 302 models.


Title: Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines (under 50 kW)
Authors: Preben Maegaard, Anna Krenz, Kardelen Afrodit Adsal, Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, Stefan Gsänger, Frits Ogg
Language: English
Pages: 139
Edition: 8th
Publishing date: June 2016
Publisher: Folkecenter Print
ISBN 978-87-7778-137-7

The catalogue is now available for free in digital format,




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