Promote Online Education for Agriculture in a Sustainable Environment (POEASE)

POEASE project - Folkecenter

We are happy to inform you that Folkecenter has been granted a new project, which will run for the following two years. The project is called POEASE (Promote Online Education for Agriculture in a Sustainable Environment) and it aims at developing 21 online modules for agricultural technical schools.

Agricultural technical schools have been severely hit by the distance learning activities during COVID-19, due to the nature of their teaching. The 21 modules will prepare them for similar future challenges, by upskilling their digital skills and by making them aware of the importance of sustainability in agricultural activities.

The project started on 01.02.2022 and it will run up to 31.01.2024. During this period, the partners will mostly collaborate online, but there will also be some in-presence activities: in the specific, the partnership will organize 4 transnational meetings (where all partners will join in one of the countries of the project), 5 multiplier events (one per country) and one period dedicated to staff training.

The project is financed by the European Union

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BK Consult

BK Consult GmbH


Ellinikos Georgikos Organismos – DIMITRA


GloW efficiency off-grid GmbH


Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (Project coordinator)



UAGN – Unión de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Navarra



University College Dublin – National University of Ireland


16 March 2022: Kick-off Meeting

The first project meeting was also the first transnational meeting of the project. Due to unknown COVID-19 situation at the time of the application, it was decided to have this first gathering event online, so that everyone could attend. The meeting took place on the 16th of March and it gave us the chance to see the faces of the people with whom we will collaborate in the near future.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated on getting to know each others: every organization delivered a short presentation, where the people involved in the project and the main activities of the organizations were presented.

The second part of the meeting focused on the practicalities of the project, such as the time-frame and the approximate agenda of the activities.

Our collaboration will continue online for most of the project, but we hope that we will be able to meet in person for the next transnational meeting!

We are looking forwards to working with this partnership!

POEASE - kick off meeting
POEASE - kick off meeting