Folkecenter delegation meets with members of parliament

Politician-tour. By the end of 2021 the majority of the Danish parliament, Folketinget, decide to put Nordic Folkecenter back on the national budget. This week a delegation for Nordic Folkecenter met with national politicians in the parliament and on the “Kulturfolkemødet” on the island Mors close to Thy. We met with Simon Kollerup, Socialdemokratiet, Torsten Schack Pedersen, Venstre, Henrik Franden, Moderaterne and Franciska Rosenkilde, Alternativet. 

In the coming weeks we continue meetings with representatives from the rest of the parties in parliament. Our delegation also had the chance to see and admire the Danish constitution, Grundloven, and to have a guided tour around the parliament building, Christiansborg, led by Folkecenters chairman and former MP, Ole Vagn.