Meeting Greenland March 2023

Når energi og uddannelse mødes i Nord – Folkecenteret i Grønland

At the same time as the meeting in the Netherlands, Folkecenter took part also to another project meeting. This time, in Greenland!

The project, “Operating techniques in Renewable Energy under Arctic conditions”, is running already since 2021 and it aims to develop innovative teaching material that supports and spreads competences related to the use of renewable energy in the Arctic.

Training program solar & wind March 2023

Tyrkiske studerende i Folkecenter for at lære om sol og vind

Since some years we welcome groups of VET[1] students from Türkiye, who come to Folkecenter to learn about renewable energy. For them, it is a chance to experience a new culture and to learn the basics of these technologies, which will be integral part of their work. For us, it is a possibility to reach (and to get to know) people also from remote areas of this huge country, which is Türkiye.

Projet in Greenland - Folkecenter

New Project for Folkecenter: Renewable Energy Training in the Arctic Region

The Greenlandic government has adopted a national policy objective of converting the country’s energy supply to renewable energy as far as possible. Expansion and investment in Renewable Energy must take place in both the smaller and larger cities.

Together with 4 other partners, Nordisk Folkecenter has applied for, and been granted, a project with the title: “Operating technician in renewable energy under Arctic conditions, Ingerlatsinermut issittumi piujuaannartumik nukissiuteqarnermut teknikeri”.