Danish Test & Resource Centre for Small Wind Turbines

Viking Wind testing wind turbine for Japanese market

At the Test center for small wind turbines, which Nordic Folkecenter operates at Hundborg, the blades of a Viking Wind turbine spin diligently in the Thy wind. The turbine is in the process of being certified so that Danish Viking Wind, which is based in Randers, can gain access to the Japanese market.

Danish concept - wind energy

The ”secret” behind the success of Danish wind turbines

For many Danes wind turbines is today something we take for granted when staring out the window. You might even say that wind turbines and their industry has become a part of Denmark’s and the Danes self-understanding as something special we as a green nation have contributed to the world. And it’s not entirely wrong to say. The world’s largest producer of wind turbines is situated in Denmark. But why is that, and how?

Blade recycling example

Recycling of wind turbine blades

Up to 95 percent of the material and components in a modern wind turbine can be disassembled and reused. On the other hand, the wings, which typically consist of fiberglass held together by hardened epoxy glue, are difficult to separate. Therefore, in many places, old wind turbine blades are deposited indefinitely.

1000 W of installed wind/inhabitant

Danmark sætter record: 1 kW/indbygger i vind!

I år 2018 nåede Danmark en kapacitet inden for vindmøller på 1.000 Watt vindmølle kapacitet pr. indbyggere. Danmark er eneste land i verden med så høj kapacitet af vindenergi pr. indbygger.

Preben Maegaard, medlem af bestyrelsen for SolarSuperState, ønsker at flere lande i Europa vil følge Danmark. Han udtaler: ”Hvad der er sket i Danmark kan også ske i andre Europæiske lande. Nu er det tiden at andre lande installere 1.000 Watt vind pr indbygger. Det vil betyde mange nye jobs i det enkelte land”.