Building with pre-made straw elements

Modern straw construction at Feldballe Independent School

In the 90s, Denmark’s first straw house approved for habitation was built at the Nordic Folkecenter for Sustainable Energy. Lars Keller, who was heavily involved in the construction at the time, still works with straw houses, which today are something quite different from stacked straw bales. An example of modern straw construction Feldballe Friskole’s science and education building, which was built in 2021. The walls consist of straw elements, which are basically a wooden frame filled with straw.

Smart-strawbale house

The smart strawbale house

Amongst the sustainable buildings at Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy we find the strawbale house which was built in 1998. The strawbale house has it’s own wind turbine, solar heating, battery bank and is filled with tech and ‘internet of things’ that makes it possible to program the house for any imaginable energy-scenario.